BOOK REVIEW: "Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment" by James Patterson

Title: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Author: Patterson, James
Published: April 1, 2007 by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN: 0316067954
Edition Language: English
Series: Maximum Ride #1
Source:  Borrowed from MHS Library

Mrs. Beamer's Review:
This is the first book in the (now 8 book) series…Maximum Ride.  I am a sucker for a good series, and this is a popular series at my high school.  As a long-time James Patterson fan, I was curious to see how he approached the YA market.  I expected a well-written, fast-paced adventure.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Immediately we are introduced to the main character, Maximum Ride, who is the product of a genetic experiment.  She is very human (98% so)…except when her wings are exposed and she’s flying :)  She also has superhuman strength, eyesight, etc.  She is the “mother figure” to five others just like her.  The six of them escaped the laboratory where they were held captive and are on the run from their hunters, the Erasers.  Early in the book, the reader is thrown a teaser…the lead Eraser tells Max, “You’ve got it all wrong!  We’re the good guys!”

In classic Patterson style, the chapters are very short…mostly 1-3 pages.  This, coupled with strong writing, set the urgency of the storyline.  I kept thinking “I’ll just read one more chapter”…and therefore found it hard to put the book down :)

I enjoyed the teens’ dialect.  I found it very authentic, even humorous at times.  At one point, Max thinks “Quelle coinkydink” and I laughed out loud.  I was surprised to come across a word I wasn’t familiar with…fetid (smelling extremely unpleasant).  This was a pleasant finding as it reassures me Patterson is not dummying down his YA books. 

While I look forward to continuing with the series, I don’t feel that addictive need to read book 2 immediately.  I can understand why this series is so popular with teen readers.  I highly recommend it!

Mrs. Beamer’s Wrap-Up Rating: 0-5 (0=none, 5=lots) click here for more info
Language: 0
Violence: 1
Sexual Content: 0
Drugs/Alcohol: 0
Recommend for High School Libraries: YES
Comfortable With My Child Reading: upper elementary
Potential Controversial Topics: none

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