My Wrap-Up Rating

One of my objectives with this blog is to give students and parents a simple and straightforward snapshot of the content within a book.

My Wrap-Up Rating will rate (on a scale of 0-5) the level of the following: language, violence, sexual content, drugs/alcohol.

Also, I will list any potential controversial topics mentioned/covered in the book (provided they don't contain spoilers)

In addition, I will answer the following two questions:

  • Recommend for High School Libraries (YES ~or~ NO)
  • Comfortable With My Child Reading (upper elementary, middle school, high school, college)

If you disagree with my assessments, please let me know... I'd love to hear from you!
Ratings are, by nature, subjective :)


Mrs. Beamer’s Wrap-Up Rating: 0-5 (0=none, 5=lots)
Language: 2
Violence: 3
Sexual Content: 1
Drugs/Alcohol: 0
Potential Controversial Topics: domestic abuse
Recommend for High School Libraries: YES
Comfortable With My Child Reading: high school

A guideline on how I judge content...

0=no foul language
1=some derogatory words/offensive comments
2=a few swear words...some offensive language
3=some swearing...moderate offensive language
4=moderate swearing...prolific offensive language
5=severe swearing and offensive language

0=no violence
1=some fighting, non-graphic
2=fighting and/or conflict, PG rated
4=PG-13 plus

Sexual Content:
0=no romance
1=affection...mostly non-physical (crushes, boyfriend/girlfriend, romance, etc)
2=mild physical affection
3=some sexually explicit content
4=sexually explicit
5=(I won't be reviewing anything that is a 5!)

1=secondary characters drinking or smoking
2=major characters drinking or smoking sporadically
3=widespread drinking, sporadic drug use
4=drug use
5=major drugs/alcohol

Potential Controversial Topics (including, but not limited to...): domestic abuse, rape, abortion, suicide, child abuse, homosexuality, racism, sexism

Comfortable With My Child Reading:  just an honest opinion from a regular mom :)

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