Blog Remodel :)

Hello everyone!  OK...I totally saw this coming.  I knew it would happen.  After just five weeks, I was bored with my blog "look".  DILEMMA!  What to do...what to do... (thought while shaking my head slowly side to side)

I'm acutely aware that branding is everything in the blog-o-sphere.  However, I know I get antsy/bored/etc and that part of me isn't going anywhere :)  Knowing I would never be able to stick to one look for my blog...I figured creating (and sticking with) one BLOG BUTTON would have to do.

Disclaimer...I am not artsy.  I am not creative.  I don't do crafts.  In psycho-babble...I am the rigid square, not the fluid circle.  But...I did my best and this is what I came up with.

SO...while my blog look may (will) change from time to time, my blog button is here to stay.  I feel very official now that I have a button.  Just another tiny step forward in this great big world of blogging!  Have a terrific Thursday :)

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