Book Beginnings on Friday: Trouble's Brewing by Juli Alexander

Thanks to Rose City Reader for hosting this weekly meme.  Every Friday I get to spotlight the book I'm reading by sharing its first line or two...and then commenting on my first impressions based on the line/s!  FUN :)  

Currently reading:  "Trouble's Brewing" by Juli Alexander
Source:  advanced e-copy from author
Current place in book: 26% done

Opening line/s:  "I just don't get why you need a chemistry tutor," Jake said for the millionth time.  I'd finally admitted to my boyfriend that the tutor was going to be a college guy.  Jake didn't know my tutor was a potions master, and he didn't know I was a witch.

My thoughts:  LOVE it!!  What a great way to start a book.  The third sentence is one of my favorites in the book so far.  The writing is indicative of the author's ability to infuse sarcasm seamlessly.  I find myself chuckling throughout the book at her wittiness.  Also, these opening sentences hint at future turmoil between the couple and the tutor.  

If you haven't read "Stirring Up Trouble" (the first book...not sure it's a series)...definitely add it to your TBR list.  Upon finishing that book, you will NEED to read this sequel :)

Happy Reading everyone!!  TGIF!!

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  1. Great start to the book. How could anyone stop reading after that third sentence?
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