Giving THANKS for YA!!!

thump thump...thump thump...thump thump...

That is what my heart sounds like RIGHT NOW :)  Why???  Because I just read about the MOST exciting contest EVER.  And I've lived many years :)

Popular YA author Beth Revis is running the contest.  Her goal...simple.  Raise awareness of, and give thanks to, all things YA!  November is a month to celebrate the act of being thankful...and I honestly (aside from my family) can't think of something I'm MORE thankful for...YA changed my life :)

A little about bullet points...because I like lists:

  • life-long, self-proclaimed librarian...librarian by degree since 1997
  • played "library" as a child with my extensive collection of Sweet Valley High and Cheerleaders series (and encyclopedia sets)
  • worked in many private company libraries...far away from YA
  • mother of two (ages 10 and 12) and stayed home with them until two months ago
  • built extensive, mammoth home library of baby and children's books
  • now work in a high school library
  • fell in love ALL OVER AGAIN with YA :)
  • chomping at the bit WAITING for my own kids to get a wee bit older so THEY can share my love WITH me!!!
OK...I just re-read the contest announcement and now I'm teary-eyed.  Yep.  A grown woman...silently emotional over the incredible generosity of someone I don't know personally. 

How has YA changed my life?  Simple.  It has given me JOY...allowed me to LOVE MY JOB...made my transition to "working mom" FUN!!  The students here race for the new YA books.  There are "holds" on the popular books 5-7 students long!  This is WONDERFUL!!  We are reading the same books...discussing plots and characters in casual conversation...relating on some level.  I LOVE IT!

My own children like to read.  But they are at that age where I have a hard time finding books to challenge them, while holding their attention, that are age-appropriate (and that I will read!)  YA books soon will be their passion, too!!  Just a few more years :):):)  AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE YA WITH THEM!!!  I, again, am getting physically emotional over the thought of welcoming 50 NEW BOOKS (SIGNED BOOKS!) into my libraries (home and school).  

We live in a small, rural community where money is tight (no big surprise...and I'm not complaining...I wouldn't choose to live any other place).  I comb through Goodwill and garage sales to find books to donate to my high school library.  I constantly wish there was a way I could share my "under $3.99" Kindle books with my students :)

I know these 50 contest books will find a good home.  The YA community is incredible.  I am honored to be a small part of it!!

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