Secret thing that makes me (happy) cry

Let me start by saying I rarely cry over kind, selfless gestures.  Probably because they just don't happen to there is very little (if any) opportunity to shed tears.  For whatever reason, I'm not the type of person people do nice things for. this I realize it sounds pathetic.  But, honestly, it's not meant that's just what it is.  I'm a middle-aged married mother - it's my life :) daughter does selfless things for me...but she's nine.  I'd like to think she doesn't understand self-serving motives quite yet.  Hence, she's not able to decide to do something selfless...she just does it.

Well...a colleague of mine (and remember, I'm just 3 months into my new job) just got my tear ducts working.  After reading my post from yesterday on the  books I want Santa to bring me, she got me one.  WHO DOES THAT?!  Way to restore my faith in my fellow mankind.  Wow.  Knocked my socks off.  I love you, my new friend!  A heart-felt THANK YOU to you :)

So...Santa...the list is now down to NINE books :):):):)  You can cross Sanctum: The Guards of the Shadowlands by Sarah Fine off my list!!!  YAA HOO!!!

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