Inspired Friday: Don't Mess With Books!

Inspired Fridays is a weekley meme hosted by my friends over @ INKK Reviews They love to showcase what inspires fellow book bloggers...projects we have done, sweet libraries or book nooks, etc. Here is my inspiration for the week... :)

To those who know me, it's no surprise I'm addicted to Pinterest signs/quotes/sayings/etc.  This week, one of those signs really spoke to me...and wanted to share it with you.

This is SO true for me.  And I know it's supposed to be cute/funny...and it is. also speaks to me on a deeper level.  Books are VITAL to my being.  They define such a large part of job, my hobby, my passion, my relaxation, my escape, my children.  And truly, when someone "messes" with any one of those things...the fightin' claws come out!  

I like this saying so much, I am incorporating it into a sign for my library :)

What inspires YOU?  Have a great weekend!  ~Amie

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  1. amen to that! i love it! so glad you took part ! hope you have a great weekend ! - Katie @ Inkk