Inspired Fridays: Generosity

Inspired Fridays is a weekley meme hosted by my friends over @ INKK Reviews They love to showcase what inspires fellow book bloggers...projects we have done, sweet libraries or book nooks, etc. Here is my inspiration for the week... :)

Generous...benevolent, charitable, honorable, kindhearted, thoughtful, unselfish.

All of the above define the incredible people I've met within the book blogging community.  When I started book blogging, I didn't even know there was a "community".  (I can laugh...)

Truly, I continue to be blown away by the generosity of others.  Collectively, you all give SO much...time, advice, resources, experience, gifts, wisdom, friendship, respect, patience, humor, gratefulness, kindness...honestly I could go on and on and on and... :)

I blog for two reasons.  
  • I love to read and enjoy sharing my opinions (hoping others find them helpful)  
  • In some small way, I want to help my high school library.  I donate every book I receive to the library...and BASK in the students' enjoyment of the books.  Honestly, it's so addicting to me.  NOTHING compares to a teenager lighting up at the sight of a book that intrigues them.  
Yesterday I received a package - a gift from a give-away I entered last month at The Book Monsters - a beautiful calligraphy set and a copy of Philippa Gregory's Changeling (pictured below).  I can't wait to get this book on the shelf!!!!!!!

All YOUR generosity is enabling ME to give something "pay it forward"...and for that I am eternally grateful :)

So...a heart-felt THANK YOU to all you wonderful GENEROUS souls out there.  Always remember what a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE you make to so many people.  You are appreciated :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!  ~Amie Beamer


  1. I didn't know you gave your books to your high school library! That is so amazing and inspiring to me. Great post!

    1. Thanks, Krisha! It's so worth it to see them gobble up the good books :)

  2. you rock amie ! they are blessed to have such an awesome librarian ! !!! your post made me smile ! - Katie

    1. Ahh...thanks, Katie! What's crazy is I feel like the blessed one :)