Fractured by Sarah Fine

OK...those who know anything about me, know Sanctum: Guards of the Shadowlands was HANDS DOWN my favorite book of 2012.  Numerous students at my high school did projects in their English classes using this book.  And I believe Sarah Fine is brilliant.  I CAN'T WAIT TO READ BOOK TWO!!!

Well...I was browsing my blogger roll a few minutes ago and ALMOST STOPPED BREATHING!!  There is a review of Fractured...meaning others have read it and I haven't!!!  (I could get envious at this point, but that is not my nature.  I genuinely am thrilled for the early reviewer!!)  Not wanting to spoil a moment of my reading pleasure, I skimmed her review through splayed fingers :)  The following sentence caught my eye:

"OK, Sanctum was one of my favorite books of 2012. It was just amazing. So I knew that Fractured would be even better and I was so right."
(click here to link to her full review)


Yippee!!!!!!!  I had a feeling this book would impress.  Happy to see I won't be disappointed!!!  Can't wait until my pre-ordered copy downloads to my Kindle 10.29.13!!  I won't be getting any sleep that night :) 

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